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Flexible Table Management System

Table management is a system that restaurants use to efficiently manage guests through the entire dining experience. It gives managers the tools to turn tables faster, manage waitlists and reduce errors. Table management software, like Eat, empowers restaurants to work smarter and fill more tables.

The key features of our restaurant’s Table Management System

Manage guest and cover

Auto-assign tables to optimize capacity, see seating timers and predict guest flow leading to less waiting times and consistently happier customers.

customizable shifts

Configure shifts to suit any situation with volume, pacing, duration and payment settings,
all customizable.

Synced across platforms

Whatever your set-up, keep your whole team synced across desktop, tablet and mobile

More profit from every table

Powerful tools and dashboards that help you turn tables faster - including automatically optimized seating.

Offline mode

Keep operations flowing if you lose connection or Wifi cuts out. You can able to work without net.

Fast floor plan editor

Customize your floor plan across multiple rooms and layouts and easily edit them when you need to.

Impress your customers with your own digital menu
Table Management System