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Digital Menu For Restaurants

Digital Menu For Restaurants

Online eMenu is an intelligent Digital Menu System for Android and iphone, Tablets and Computers. This progressive cross stage framework is composed particularly for Restaurants, Hotels and Bakery. OnlineeMenu incorporates pleasantly with Social Media, Coupons, POS and Payment Systems to expand incomes, productivity and marking.

Online eMenu offers complete package of elements Digital Menu System enabling restaurants to work all the more productively and bring another intuitive experience for staff and clients alike. What's more, the elements will enable restaurants to change menu according to the changing requirements.

  • ➤ Item Modifier
  • ➤ Quick Search
  • ➤ Order/Item Remarks
  • ➤ Offline Mode
  • ➤ Guest Feedback
  • ➤ Waiter/Gues Mode
  • ➤ POS Integration
  • ➤ Theme Customization
  • ➤ Sync
  • ➤ Export Menu

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