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How Online eMenu help restaurants?

  • It encourages to boost-up your profit from 10% to 15% by integrating insights checkup system.
  • The restaurateurs attract new customers by giving them some attractive offers enabling them to be repetitive customers.
  • It ensures to maintain the balance of Demand and supply
  • Multi Location facilitates to manage and control the user access of every branch.
  • POS system helps restaurateurs’ to secure a customer’s record.
  • CRM system enables to run your marketing campaign to increase sales and grab customer.
Grow Business

Features to attract your customers

In order to run your restaurant business successfully the customer’s attention is to be grabbed and for this the latest tech trend is used. Some of the following enlisted key factors discussed to attract the mass.

OnlineEMenu food order

Online Ordering

  • Client order on the website and choose his location to pick up his items
  • Customer via telephonic call can place an order for food
  • Buyer can use tablet to make an online ordering.
  • Inbuilt intelligent audible driven order service helps customer to order
  • Assures the take away food service.
  • Within specific time customer take away food

Contactless menu

  • Facilitate the customers to pay and place an order digitally
  • A seamless ordering & payment process.
  • Helps to pre-order the food
  • Enables both in-restaurant diners and takeaway clients
  • Attracts customer via its attractive photos of cuisine
  • Contactless Dine-in QR Menu offers a great experience and easily navigate
contactless menu for restaurant

OnlineEMenu Delivery Tracking

Real Time Tracking

  • It helps dispatch rider to be in contact with his customer.
  • A food delivery boy has a personalized for food delivery app.
  • It helps him to be in contact with his customer.
  • Delivery app enables the restaurateurs to keep a watch on their delivery boy.
  • Enables the delivery boy to find the short passage to their destination.
  • Facilitates the restaurant to change the location of food delivery on customer’s request.
  • Consistently the customer remains in contact of delivery boy and track its route for timely food delivery

Loyalty Program

  • Restuarant loyalty program ensure the re-visit of the customers by giving them chance to earn rewards.
  • Customer can avail reward to become a regular customer
  • Customer getting exceptional service.
  • Customer gets the Earn and Burn approach; attraction to redeem his reward.
Loyalty program for restaurant customers

restaurant table booking system

Pre-Reservation of Table

  • Enables customers to to pre-book table with Restaurant table booking system
  • Assists the customer to keep hassle free check in.
  • Helps to make customer consistently happy and satisfied

POS System

  • Your online ordering pages come integrated with multiple online payment options
  • Your data information is protected and concealed.
Flexible Payment Method

Features help you generate more revenue in less time

With the installation of an online food ordering and delivery software system online eMenu you can give a facility..

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This software application helps the restaurant admin to track and control the restaurant inventory

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This is a computerized form of food ordering system which enables the restaurant owner to make the changes in Menu.

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To get more food orders from your customers you need to attract them via offering discounts.

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The online food ordering and delivery system can be easily tracked by the restaurant admin.

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Facilitates users for menu browsing, ordering and payment in a full contact-less way.

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Benefits of integrating Online eMenu with your website

Get infinite orders from your website. You can launch your restaurant business with the novel tech trend and set out for a digital menu system. Further, integration of a technically created self customizable online ordering system is the best and spicy way to provide your customers a exquisite experience to order and easily get yummy meals at their threshold.

sales analytics

Sales analytics

Track the daily, weekly or monthly sales.
customer insights

Customer Insights

Access data for every order you recieve.
fully responsive design

Fully Responsive

It will fit on all the screen.
Interactive Design

Interactive Design

Clean, Professional and user friendly design.
Easy to use ordering system

Easy to use

Hassle free, Find, Select and order.
fully customizable menu


Admin can customize the menu layout.

Facilities for your customers in Online eMenu

  • Menu Showcase
  • Fast Order Process
  • Promo Codes
  • Easy Payment Options

Menu Showcase

Menu Showcase

While placing a food order whether it is online or offline, customers prefer to browse the entire menu list to select the dish and to know its price and specialty. Hence with this online ordering system, you can allow your customers to visit the entire food menu list of your restaurant.

menu showcase

Fast Order Process

Order Process

  • Customer will browse the menu, select a single or multiple dishes and place their order.
  • After order placement customer will pay for the ordered meals.
  • The customer’s order will received by the restaurant’s branch admin.
  • The order sent to the kitchen section for food preparation.
  • The freshly cooked meal pack is handed over to the delivery boy.
  • The delivery boy drop the food parcel to the registered address.
fast order process

Promo Codes

Apply a Promo Code

Giving discounts and offers on every single purchase is the best way to entice and enthrall more customers towards your business. Hence, Online eMenu comes along with a promo code feature.

  • Get promo codes and reward points on each order.
  • Apply promo code and get amazing offers.
  • Use the reward points on the next order.
OnlineEmenu Promo Code

Easy Payment Options

Bother-less Payment Process

By adding a digital food ordering and delivery system, you can enable your customers to go ahead with a simple, secure payment method.

  • Easy to operate and well-managed payment procedure.
  • Customers can pay for their meals when they received the food.
  • They get notification about their total expenses.
easy payment options
OnlineEMenu CRM

Build trust by receiving more reviews

Ask your customers to share their reviews and feedback on the restaurant’s website and mobile application. It will drastically improve your business and allow you to make several new customers.

  • Ask your customers to share a review on your mobile app.
  • A perfect and on-time delivery empowering you to gain more reviews.
  • Share the customer's reviews easily on your restaurant's website.

Why to choose online emenu?


  • Simple to use
  • Fit on all screen
  • Perfect to execute the food items
  • Quick dispatch of food delivery
  • Track drivers for accurate delivery time.


  • Run your cloud kitchen from anywhere and anytime.
  • Data thief protection and security system.
  • CRM and inventory integration enables to manage business.
  • Powerful online ordering and online store builder features.


  • Customize the customer portal as per your requirements.
  • Allows to create custom delivery zones
  • Allow customers to share their feedbacks online/offline
  • Maintains complete delivery tracking and management solutions.


  • Restaurant POS System
  • Food Ordering System
  • Restaurant CRM
  • Restaurant Loyalty Program
  • Contactless Menu
  • Restaurant Table Booking

Centralized Management

  • Consolidated reporting
  • Auto store, maintain and manage the client's data.
  • Use of integrated POS system
  • Real-time tracking

Budding Revenue

  • Quicker table turnover & more occupancy
  • Utilize contactless menu for growth
  • Smart Pre-ordering
  • Add-on profits on discount and gift voucher

Reduced Expenditure

  • Minimization of manual staff
  • Route optimization
  • Dispatch automation
  • Manage online menus in one place
  • Cheaper to maintain and faster to organize

Marketing Support

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Promotional activities
  • Offers for customers