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More than 52% of customers rely on the restaurant’s own branded app. Rather than a third-party food portal mobile and web app. Turn your website visitors into online customers and dish out unlimited orders with zero commissions. Our online food ordering system is designed to help food businesses streamline the online ordering process.

In today's fast-paced world, consumers expect to order food online quickly and easily. Thus, businesses need a reliable and efficient system to manage orders, payments, and customer data. Our restaurant ordering system is highly customizable. Making space for you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.

It doesn’t matter if you're a restaurant, cafe, food truck, or another type of food business. Our restaurant online ordering system can help you create customized solutions. From the menu, and accepting online orders, to managing your operations seamlessly.

Restaurant Online Ordering from Your Mobile

4 Features of Our Online Food Ordering Software to Grow

Food Pre-Ordering

Food Pre-Order Scheduling

Our online ordering software includes food pre-order scheduling for customer convenience and business efficiency. Thus, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Flexible Payment Method in Restaurant

Flexible Payment Method

Our restaurant ordering system software offers flexible payment methods. This includes online payments, COD, and card payments, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

Real-time Order Tracking System

Real-Time Order Status

Real-time order status enables customers to track orders in real time and improve customer experience. Also, report to them when the order is accepted, dispatched, or delivered.

Restaurant's Feedback System

Integrated Feedback System

Our restaurant order system's integrated feedback system collects customer insights to improve services. Thus, increasing satisfaction, and loyalty.

Receive and Confirm Orders From Smartphone or Tablet

  • Our online food ordering system allows restaurants to receive and confirm orders from smartphones or tablets. Thus, improving efficiency and flexibility. This feature enables restaurant owners to manage their operations on the go. Also, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales and loyalty.
Online Food Ordering

Dedicated Delivery App

  • Online eMenu’s restaurant order system features a dedicated delivery app for drivers. Encouraging drivers to manage their deliveries efficiently. Real-time updates on order status and delivery locations enable drivers to optimize their routes. Also, reduce wait times, and improve the overall delivery experience for customers.
Order Multiple Cuisines

Restaurant Food Ordering Web and App

  • Make it easy for customers to place orders from their preferred way. Our online food ordering software offers a restaurant food ordering web and app. This feature helps restaurants to manage their operations effectively, showcase their menu, and accept online orders. Through our software, restaurants can increase their online visibility, and boost their revenue with zero commissions.
Easy to Use Online eMenu's Cart

Secure Payments

  • Online eMenu allows restaurants to integrate their preferred payment gateway for a secure transaction process. Our online ordering system for restaurants ensures secure payments by providing a variety of payment options. Thus, customers order their food with confidence. Hence, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty for restaurants.
Restaurant Payment Options for Customers

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