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Complete billing system

Online eMenu has come up with a complete cloud-based restaurant’s billing system to manage and record the entire data of received and dispatched orders with both online and offline process.

Key Features

Stock Management

Flawlessly a single platform can tackle different functions brilliantly such as existing and required stock, unique recipes, security management and many more.

Cash Management

Collect and record each little and big charges of a particular restaurant everyday and produce an accurate report about cash inflow and savings.

Multi Location

Every branch and dealership of a restaurant and the performance of every outlet can be managed, controlled and compared to every single outlet.

Client History

The entire order history and customer’s details is automatically stored and maintained for lifelong. Further, engaged them via POS system.

One Touch

One touch screen characteristic of POS application make certain that it can be operated both on touch screen mobiles/tablets


The customer’s data and your restaurant’s data stored on cloud or on the local host which is quite safe and secured for longtime.

Why to use Online eMenu POS System


Easy to Use

The easy access and operation nature is the biggest captivating point of this POS integrated online food ordering system, which enables the restaurant admin to measure the business in multiple aspects including, online ordering, multiple payment technique, client data control, well managed and majestic menu layout, and more.

Elegant and user-friendly design

A sober design with the combination of beautiful and appealing colors wins the heart and puts a huge impact on the deliverance of awesome addict experience.

While it’s user-friendly nature encourage you to keep a focus on the manual stuff Client Satisfaction, Food Quality, Services, etc.

Seamless Integration

It’s easy for a restaurateur to integrate the POS system with Online eMenu. As it's across-platform online ordering system, so will be run on both Windows and Mac operating system


Offline Mode

The POS system of our online food ordering and delivery software works similarly in offline mode for placing order, receiving and tracking process without any hassle.

Analytics Tracking

The advanced Analytics tracking point trait of the POS system of Online eMenu allows you to check the performance of your restaurant. Finally, this analytics will auto-generate a day to day business report at evening. You can check all the analytics data from the dashboard.

POS system with CRM

Access and manage the order details and information of your each customer from a single place and get your success goal by running promotional campaigns and send users a personalized email message.