Online eMenu Restaurant POS Software

Designed for the restaurant industry by restaurant people; all in one place for your convenience. Online eMenu is a POS system helping you boost sales, improve efficiency, and impress customers. It is a complete cloud-based POS billing software built to perform several tasks. From printing KOT to managing and recording the entire data of dine-in, online, and curbside pickup.

Online eMenu features everything you desire to run for your diner. It ranges from effortless billing screen, and KOT generation, to online ordering and delivery. Additionally, bill management, menu management, to multiple billing stations. A powerful cloud-based software also with transparent payment processing.

Online eMenu’s pos services let you run analytics and reporting on several use cases. From the location, and sales summary, to the product mix. Thus, facilitating you to analyze all in one go.

Online eMenu POS Software for Restaurants
Restaurant POS Stock Management

Online Order Management

Online eMenu’s Order Management allows you to manage online orders from a central platform. This includes tracking, alerts, and automatic order transmission to the kitchen.

Cash Management via POS System

Works on Any Platform

The software is compatible with various platforms, including Android, iOS, Chromebook, and Windows. Thus, providing flexibility and convenience for your restaurant's operations.

POS System to Manage Multiple Restaurant Outlets

Configurable Settings

The software for POS restaurants allows you to customize settings to meet your restaurant's needs. This includes menu item configuration, pricing, and tax settings.

Customer's Order History in POS System

Multiple Billing Stations

Multiple billing stations allow for multiple transactions to be processed simultaneously for different locations. Thus, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency in high-traffic restaurants.

One touch POS Application

Insightful Customer Data

The POS billing software provides valuable data on several customer behaviors. Including ordering habits and preferences, which can inform marketing strategies and menu optimization.

Secured POS Software for Restaurants

Analysis and Reporting

The software provides detailed reports and analytics on sales, inventory, and customer behavior. Hence, allowing you for data-driven insights and informed business decisions.

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