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Online eMenu’s CRM solution for restaurants

Engage a lot more customers with a self-automated and effective marketing campaign.



Online eMenu’s Multi-Channel Campaign Management through CRM

With using our restaurant’s CRM solution feature, you can easily send promotional emails, SMS’s, and Push Notifications to the customers in just a few touches in a well managed format.

Think once again.... how to get strongly connected with the customers

We conceptually developed this all-purpose CRM solution for the fulfillment of all the needs of a restaurant’s customer management. Ever though, you are going to plan an occasional event or thinking to run some exciting offers in your restaurant or you want to promote it to reach some new customers. Then this CRM solution of online eMenu will help you by creating and running attractive promotional campaigns, as well as you can manage the entire data and customers information from the same panel.


Be in a Frame

Reach your existing customers and engage them personally by sending them a personal message with some unique tags along with a sweet communicative way.


Get the Right Customers

The CRM solution of Online eMenu for the restaurants allows a restaurant owner to engage and re-engage the customers segment-wise. As our CRM solution has an in-built feature which will automatically divide the customers into a few categories like active, inactive, regular, etc. It will positively result by generating more sales.

Strategic and Automotive Marketing

The automation campaign feature of our CRM solution will drastically enhance your sales. As it will automatically sends emails to the customers without any interruption and also re-unite third party customers from whom you haven’t listen for a while.

Campaign Management Performance Reporting

You can any time get the detailed report of any running or completed marketing campaigns from the dashboard and also from here you will get the actual analysis of your ROI.