6 Effective Marketing Strategies for New Age Restaurateurs


There was a period when nearly all of the startup restaurants used to shut down in the very first year of operations. According to Forbes, the achievement rate of these restaurants is much better now where only 17% of restaurants close in the first year. The new age restaurateurs that are coming together with their start-up company can continue to keep these strategies in mind to prevent being one of that 17 %.

The trick isn’t only to offer good meals but also to understand what people are searching for and perfectly managing day to day activities of Restaurant. And online eMenu can help in that, as it is leading restaurant management software.

To understand people need and expectation, perform a proper market survey and collect feedback from the food enthusiasts. Make a checklist of the requirements and attempt to fill in that gap.

Create a new identity

You need to be clear that the target clients are. According to their tastes you want to create the brand identity that can connect with the potential customers. Work on the color schemes and design of this logo after enlisting help from the professional digital marketing and advertising professionals.

Make the Majority of the power of social media

The ability of social networking is undeniable as these would be the most economical and effective platforms which assure maximum reach. Sell your products on Facebook and Instagram and enhance high quality picture and video posts. Here’s a heads up: Food videos work wonders with the mind of food lovers, and you can produce a movie with a narrative of how the unique recipes are created behind the kitchen.

Discover from the competitors and big Manufacturers

Keep a close tab online and offline actions of your competitors and also keep an eye out for the promotion techniques followed from the large brands. You can always get inspired by the fantastic ideas but be sure you never copy the exact campaigning format.

Participate events and food festivals

Your phones will begin ringing in the event that you can manage to impress a large chunk of people and that is possible only in the event that you can contribute to parties, events or meals festivities. Get in touch with the event managers and ask them to fall on your contact details to the people who’d ask about your chosen delicacies.

Make food delivery and ordering easy

Most Of the millennials consider in casual dining or ordering Food online. If they are your targeted audience, then as a restaurant owner you should invest in developing online food ordering system.

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