Allure your customers with a CRM integrated online ordering system

In the present age, utmost restaurants are using online food ordering system to engage more customers, but still, they are facing failure towards the growth of their restaurant. Do you know why it is happening while they are using a digitally developed online ordering system? Well, this is just due to the absence of a CRM system.

So, if you want to secure your restaurant business from facing such harsh failure, then, whenever you are going to add a technical growth solution into your restaurant in the form of a digital menu system, remember to make sure that the system is come up with an additional CRM facility. CRM which is fully called as Customer Relationship Management, its a must have facility while owning a business to deliver complete satisfaction to the customers whenever they are taking your customers.

By adding a CRM feature into your restaurant’s food ordering services you can engage easily engage with the thousands of new customers by solving their issues regarding your restaurant and services, also this will encourage you to enhance your services in a better way.

List out the features of the CRM system of our online ordering system:

Customer Preference

With a CRM system, you can divide the entire list of your customers as of their standard like VIP, VVIP, Non-VIP, Regular, One-time visitor and so on. In this way, you can easily maintain the exact record of every single customer of your restaurant.

Download Customers data in excel

While running an online business you have to maintain a heavy volume data of your customers including their data, information, order history etc. and this CRM system will allow you to download the whole customer’s data in an excel sheet.

Single Customer and Multiple Branches

No matter where and how many branches and franchises a restaurant have, whenever a customer reaches to any outlet, from the same moment she/he becomes the customer of your restaurant brand.

Redeem Rewards form any Branch

As this CRM system works together on the multiple branches of the same restaurant, so as a customer can easily grasp the benefits of the restaurant’s loyalty points from any of its nearby outlet.

Similar Access

While using a CRM system you can easily fetch the customers details from any panel of a restaurant ordering system like ordering, feedback, payment, etc. All the outlets of a single restaurant have equal access to the customer’s data.

Identify Customers from their Nature of Ordering

With having a CRM system into your restaurant you can detect customers by their ordering behavior like a regular visitor, online customer, new customer, long time returning customer, and so on.

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