How Easy it is to Use OnlineeMenu Mobile Ordering System

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The Purpose of any caterer would be to function during “Hurry time” as many guests as you running them to complete their meal so the brand new guests could take their table, while in the same time your guests shouldn’t fill.

How to achieve this target?

Beside the efficient and quick work in the kitchen and bar you should cut back your server’s going, as his walking to cash register, time for entering orders in cash register and giving advice about orders to staff in the pub or kitchen.

Also you must prevent that your waiters take 4-5 orders at the same time because that is the major reason why they commonly make a blunders about purchased food, and as result you lost your precious time or even worse, you lost your customer.

How Easy it is to Use OnlineeMenu Mobile Ordering System

Set the Monitor in your Bar or Kitchen

In your bar or kitchen place the printer that can print the orders created on your own server’s tablet computer or smartphone while your waiter is still along with your guests.

Instead of printer, you can also set tablet PC or the computer screen where all orders made by your waiters will be seen by your staff in the kitchen.


Mobile Purchasing System for Your Waiters

The waiters can take order through tablet or ipad on the table according your items selection and send it immediately to the kitchen or bar where the staff can see your order on monitor for prepare your order.

Orders are printing on kitchen’s printer or bar’s

The restaurant staff in the kitchen/bar could immediately see the orders and begin with its groundwork.

In addition to revealing of orders in real-time, kitchen screen shows when an order was created, so the kitchen staff know which orders have priorities.


The order is ready

Subsequent to the order is ready, waiter is informed by staff in the kitchen by sending a notice about order that is prepared from kitchen monitor to server’s mobile apparatus. After notification, the waiter gets in his cellular apparatus visual or audible sign about orders which are all set to guest’s table.