Features and Benefits of OnlineeMenu App System Software for Restaurants


As name suggest Online eMenu is one of the effective software system for restaurant helps to compress different task in a restaurant and hotel. Online eMenu perform amazing work for both side, a customer side and restaurant owner side. A customer can make their order simple easy and with more info and a owner can manage it easy. It replace paper menu on restaurant table, make online food order with much more information. Here are some benefits of Online eMenu, best restaurant management software:

Order Ordering Via SMS

The order might be gotten through SMS. SMS notifications can also be constructed

Order Receiving Via FAX

The Restaurant’s fax amount is granted. It reaches towards the chosen fax number if the buyer places an order.

Order Obtaining Via Purchase Obtaining App

Purchase receiving portable app is supplied to the order and the diner manager will undoubtedly be warned within the smartphones

Payment Integration

Transaction may be created online by adding with payment gateways like PayUmoney pay for restaurant and through Stripe for that restaurant in abroad. Payment gateway makes the company and clients absolutely safe. An excellent issue that needs to be deemed could be the ease of convenience and use through payment gateway.

Online Ordering via Site

Through websites, the cafe that is independently-owned permits the newest and active customers to connect to the selection and purchase food. The website also helps clients learn café information through search engines

Online Ordering via Android App

The reputation and convenience of smart phones and mobile apps is resulting in huge growth in payments. Receiving orders that are mobile links the consumers in a interesting new method.

Menu Card Upload

Menu card permits the buyers know what is about the menu, using a short description for every plate with photographs. By by doing this all-the buyers can see most of the possibilities.

Subjects Part

Website is a strong online marketing software for marketing your business online, as you are able to use. We offer you business subjects that go well with your organization. These spectacular business themes are custom-built to provide every one of the functions that you might want in promoting and operating your company online.

Buying Widget

Easily customize the purchase in which dashboard widgets present for Cafe owners. Currently various extensions like Shipping setting (Area/Google GPS), Fee incorporation, Multiple duty choices, Add-ons Management etc

Sales data

It’s something that assists owners of the diner maintain and to boost their business’ success. As it can be an online based resource one can access everywhere and anytime. It helps to track and analyse distinct company regions and variable with superior stability and daily handling control. Efficiency of the business enterprise is nicely followed regular, regular and provides increased economic tracking. Survey on revenue per month/ per week could be produced.

Order information

An outline of exactly how many requests have now been put from the consumers where month may be displayed and requests monthly/ per-week can also be taken. Customers that are distinct is going to be assembled and cafe owners will have the ability to have a summary which clients are largely influencing the revenue practices each month, in different sales.

Restaurant details

The general restaurant info may be supplied by using this software. The restaurant’s address and logo photograph may be put up.

Delivery Area based on maps

The food may be sent on the basis of the Google Maps as well. Utilising the Google Maps to examine your delivery regions is just a powerful tool-

Order Receiving Via email

Once the customer has established their order, the Online eMenu can ship the client’s order towards the cafe sometimes to the chosen email address.

Order Receiving Via GPRS Printer

It is suited to the diner to get instructions directly from your website. We could incorporate the style of GPRS. This incorporation permits a two-way confirmation, which means that the restaurant gets the order as well as the printer starts beeping asserting the order, then a restaurant may confirm or reject specifically by pushing on a button.


The owners of the diner provides voucher rule (one time discount) for the buyers to avail for an instant discount.

Delivery Options

Restaurant can provide the spot with customer support including supply that they have requested for. If the cafe desires to, the delivery costs may be employed. Diner might have the option for the clients to select-up the food bought online. The buyers will make use of the money on shipping also.

Delivery Location depending on Zipcode/Region

The meals could be shipped in the exact location. The food distribution company might be supplied predicated on zip code/area wise given by the client.

Restaurant Time Settings

Restaurant owners may set the beginning and closing time for deliveries which are to become made to the buyers. Timings may be edited in line with the usefulness that was restaurant’s.

Menu and add ons Management

By showing the restaurant’s specific food menu the specialty of the diner can be offered. Our addon Administration may help the shoppers to take care of themselves for your expected toppings and add-ons for their requests.

Offers Management

The restaurant’s owners can set appealing offers for that shoppers to construct online traffic for that enterprise. The buyers can be ready to select their favorite food at reduced price and enjoy at the benefits in their homes.

Online Ordering via Facebook

Social-media is another section of rapid growth. When the diner comes with an active Facebook site with a strong basis of lovers (“likes”), Online eMenu permits the buyers to-order food on Facebook.


We’re willing to provide 24/7 service for the Diner. Currently Technical Assistance from we anytime. The service staff can be attained on any day/ time of the week.

Ticket System

Online eMenu gives exceptional support for customers of the Restaurant from admission system’s utilization. A citation system also enables information which can be used to enhance the Diner as a whole’s collection. The cause of this is a citation system allows for an issue tracking method, which provides exposure to in to the big picture of the support staff. So if numerous clients are continually raising a certain problem, the assistance workforce can be made conscious of the issue and take an effective alternative to be provided by activities.

Tax adjustments

Cafe owners could set numerous taxes for your shoppers with regards to the spot as well as the distribution services they supply. Buyers will not be stunned with extra costs at the time of supply.

Customer Profile

Diner may have stored profile of opted buyers, including current email address, contact range, complete name and in addition full address for supply. Also, prior orders of the customers could be reached. Depending on this, the cafe might present surprise vouchers and presents towards the consumers.

Multi Language Management

Online eMenu stops working the language boundaries with integrated language business that shows the appliance in a person-specific language, including Spanish, Dutch, English, Danish, German

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