Food Delivery App: A sweet and sour yummy happiness is on the way

A sweet, sour, spicy and yummy food puts a huge impact on our mood, so not a happiness is bigger than to get the delicious meal in hand without making any efforts. Online Food Delivery App works in the same row. With lots of efforts and hard work, we have successfully developed an application for online food ordering and delivery. Basically, we have created this software application for the restaurant business owners, by keeping in mind the trouble of hungry customers.

This is a one-time installation set up for the restaurant’s and will convert their manual food ordering system or food menu into a fancy or modern menu which likes to receive the food orders via a digital process. Whenever a restaurant is upgraded or replace its traditional food menu with a trendy one they automatically allow their foodie customers to place an online order for single or multiple dishes through their smart mobile devices and desktop computers. To place an online food order all they also need to install this application into their smart devices.

Alongside food ordering and receiving, the application also works on the third system and which is online food delivery. The main motive of the food delivery app is to send and drop the packed parcel of ordered food to the predefined destination or the registered address of the requested customer. In food delivery app a restaurant owner and the customer can track the real-time location of the delivery boy along with the actual time taken and the remaining time to get the food delivery. Well, this was the owner and customer’s interface towards this food delivery application. While on the other side, a delivery person is also allowed to get the real location of a customer to drop the food parcel at its exact destination. This app will generate a shortest length route map to help the delivery person the deliver the food parcel in the shortest time duration.

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