Know our online ordering system and how it will work for you

Online food ordering system is a web-based platform which works for restaurants owners and their customers, also this is like a platform through which as a restaurant owner you will be able to provide a better source of employment to numerous of un-employed boys by making them a food delivery boy who will work as a mediator between you, food and the customer.

In the fact, the online ordering system is web and mobile application software, which a restaurant business owner can easily convert into their own brand to give their customers a new digital experience to order their eats in just a few touched on their mobile phone’s screen.

How our online ordering system will work for a restaurant owner?

Still, a lot of restaurants are there who are using the pen and paper to note down the food orders form their customers and also they are giving them a paper made food menu list to select the meals. This is numbered as an old aged trick which didn’t match with the standard of today’s modern time. If you are also one of them then, it’s the correct time to interchange your menu card with the digital menu. It will not merely give your restaurant a new level, in fact, it also improves the overall growth rate of your restaurant. As well as, online food ordering system is also good for the health prospect, because as per scientific fact, research and survey, the paper-based menu card is the highly responsible for the infection as it covers a wide count of germs and dust.

How our online ordering system will work for a customer?

As a customer, if you do not want to go outside to take the food, or if you do not want to make food at home then online ordering system will work for you to place an order for yummy meals online. Here, you are also able to select the food from the given menu list with the included price. Before to order food at the first time it will ask you to fill your customer profile with your name and contact details. Alongside this, this system allows requesting your ordered food to be delivered at your provided address. Apart from this, as a customer, you will get so many exciting offers on your orders by applying a coupon code.

How our online ordering system will work for a delivery boy?

A customer has placed the online food order with a home delivery option, and a restaurant receives the order and cooked and packed the food for the delivery. Now, the question is send that food parcel to the customer’s address? Yes, it’s you, the delivery. You will receive a notification from the restaurant along with the customer’s address, to send the food packet at that address or location. You are able also to generate a route chart the restaurant to the delivery location, and a customer is allowed to track your exact location.

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