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There’s really a debate on whether or not restaurants should invest in their own branded mobile programs. Feels like deja-vu, if we recall we had the same questions about restaurant websites and also the importance of cellular ordering.

But what’s the verdict in this case?

Branded mobile apps for restaurants – are they worth it?

Well, the answer is a definite “maybe”.

According to Deloitte, 40 percent of clients prefer to order online, while McKinsey expects this number to eventually attain 65% in the following years. IABV found out that 69 percent of people who purchase online use a cellular device.
Ok. However, is an app quite necessary, or is your web mobile ordering sufficient?

The Deloitte report also shows that in the past 3 months, 25 percent of the people who ordered online for pickup or delivery have done so via an program.
With such a rigid competition, why even bother?

Amir Eisenstein, CMO at Eat24 explained that there is more revenue from apps than desktopcomputer, that program users dictate more often than desktop users and Eat24’s retention rate for cellular app-first users is greater (here’s the full article). No wonder they’re being so pushy about the program in their cellular website.
So what’s the verdict?

The verdict is yours to offer. What we advise is that when determining whether the branded mobile apps for restaurants are not, you start with the mathematics (gain vs. investment), however also take a look at your competitors. Can you eventually get to the point at which you will need one too? And in the event that you will get to there, can it be worth starting now, while only a third of restaurants have an app, and aim for one of those three seats on your client’s phone?

The branded restaurant cellular program powered by GloriaFood

in the event you decide you want a restaurant cellular program, know you could get one from us. At exactly the identical do-it-yourself super-simple manner, you receive your own app submitted into the Google Play shop for Android tablets or smartphones.The app’s main performance is ordering. Obviously, the checkout form is prefilled based on past orders, while the shipping address can be chosen from a set of previously saved speech.
In terms of upgrades to the app, you are in complete control.

The FoodBooking program

Moreover, because we want to help for free as far as we could, we provide this food ordering program for restaurants. It is based on a curated list of restaurants using our system. This usually means your restaurant won’t be the only one recorded in the app, but it can be the featured one. Your restaurant is marked as favourite for those food clients to whom you have recommended to utilize the program.

Hence that the food clients can utilize this one shared app where all approved restaurants appear within the FoodBooking market brand. Additionally, your clients may expect the exact same ordering experience, if that’s what they’re searching for.

You can request to be listed in the online emenu app.

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