Online Booking System Software

Online eMenu

A paper menu where you can see the items listed on designer paper with rate of the items. Sometime you find a booklet with many pages in different category where you can see the name of the item and the rates of the items. Which is running from long time in every restaurant to take orders and to give order you have to wait for attender or your turn. But now with the online booking system software you can give your customer a new way of experience of order food in your restaurant.

Online booking system software is a new way to represent your menu in the form of emenu where your customer can see the name of the item with picture of the item that they are going to order with a price tag. With this software your customer can book their orders with mobile, iPads, tablets and these orders will directly transfer to master chef’s of your kitchen and customer don’t have to wait for the attenders and cancel their order and can replace their order again. With this software you can replace your paper menu with digital online menu.

Now day’s online booking system has gradually become more smooth with the technology. It gives opportunities to restaurant to catch their customer online and to fulfill their needs in an efficient way. With the help of this software you can order multiple dishes on your table without waiting for attender. It is a reliable and accessible tool which can be used by your customer from any corner of your restaurant and can order their favorite meal. Online booking system is one of the simple and easy to use software which smartly optimized the table with free notification of order status. With this system you can give quick response to your customer and the quick response will lead to a happiness on a customer face with the delivery of delicious and hot food on their table.

After ordering food from this system software and getting orders for table customer can enjoy their food and at the end he/she can make online payment with the help of this system too. An ultimate online ordering system for restaurants that will attract to the customer with new technology and give a new attractive look in the menu of your restaurant at affordable range of price.

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