Online ordering system for restaurants with multiple locations

We’re pleased to let everyone know that our online ordering system supports multi-location restaurants. It follows that multiple restaurants could be created and managed under the exact same umbrella, with the principal advantage of sharing the promotions and menu.

This is only the first from several releases that we’ve intended for chains. In this post we’ll cover what we have … Read More

How to Drive Delivery Management with Ordering & Tookan

For company prosperity, integration with numerous platforms is now an imperative, particularly for booming enterprises. The crucial thing is to increase customer experience and improve visibility.

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Top 3 Finance & Payment Gateway Integrations for Multistore Business

The companies which manage online delivery and ordering that the system must make an program or site which not only provides user-friendly attributes but also guarantee a secure and safe payment selections to the consumers. There are a plethora of payment gateway platforms offered on the market but just a couple have a Guarantee of safety. As per a recent … Read More

5 Effective Customer Management Tools to Drive Brand Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is the important element to induce brand loyalty and it’s not easy to appeal to the consumers of their on-the-go generation. According to a latest report, about 58% will adhere to a brand based on their favorable experience and more than 73% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal to their favorite manufacturer for friendly customer support.… Read More

10 Amazing Promotional Ideas for Restaurants

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5 Reasons Why You Need an Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant

The Industry Evolution.

Along with Crowed marketplace and several folks trying to make the Apps, you can not eliminate time developing, having the edge on your side with the Apps previously done will be the key to success.

Be the first one in your block to make this service and find every company involved in it. This is now the … Read More

Should I develop my own Online Ordering System?

Should you?

Our recommendation is No. Why would you reinvent the wheel? If you would like to write a record, would you have to build a record processor like Microsoft Word or even Google Docs? Or would you rather begin writing the text that you need on the present effective solutions?

When a flawless Solution that solves your needs already … Read More

How to Maximize Food Ordering App Potential

Nowadays, many restaurants make usage of programs for advantage and advertising functions, but it’s critical to ensure the programs keep customers returning for more. Assessing the capacity of a program can be accomplished by including standard attributes, upgrading content frequently, using exclusive supplies and communication using push notifications.

Fundamental Features

Essential attributes include tools such as menus and restaurant info … Read More

Start-up Tips: How to Simplify Food Ordering and Delivery System

Start-ups that are aspiring to reevaluate the food delivery and ordering system and generate a new like Postmates, or even Grubhub can skim on this site.

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Top factors to consider while looking for a Restaurant Ordering Software

Functionality:                                                                                                                        Online ordering methods include a huge array of possible purposes, ranging from just receiving orders all of the ways to behaving almost like a digital restaurant supervisor. Any fantastic online ordering application will consist of point-of-sale functionality within it. This capacity, allowing the client to pay while purchasing online, is much more suitable for the client and reduces the … Read More