Restaurant Ordering System – What Our Food Ordering System Can Do For You

In the present post, we are going to be taking the opportunity to emphasize the assortment of attributes our restaurant purchasing software supplies. The features are numerous and they are unique in character, thus we advise that you buckle up and listen, since we at Online Orders are now in the company of supplying practical significance for our clientele. Here is how:

Our Restaurant Ordering System Characteristics
OON supplies a lot of standard features dependent on the requirements of our clientele.

Reviews, Combos, Special Offers & Packages — With respect to reductions, you are able to customize every discount for a percent or dollar amount from a given sequence. This attribute can be categorized, it may demand a minimum purchase amount to be legitimate, or it may be limited by specific dates and times of their day. If you would like to do a BOGO offer, a combo provide, or limit your special into a take-out-only supply, we could manage all that and much more! .

Automated Up-selling Tips — We really enjoy this particular one, and we believe you will also. And though this service is automatic, it is your choice to ascertain which menu items are proposed depending on the client’s existing choices. This implies that if a client were to go back to this menu thing, they might opt to add it to your own card or edit it whenever they so wanted.

Reduced Credit Card prices –We make the most of the valuable services provided by our retailer payment spouses to reduce prices on eCommerce fees.

Notification : Get notification at the regular time of interval for your ordered food and keep yourself updated with our notifications.

Social Media : Now we are closer to you with our social media integration, to allow our customers to share their views with us.

Payment Mode : Make payment of your order as you want to do it. You can make online payment with your credit, debit cards or in cash too.

Support/Help Desk : Get help with us on any day of the week. We are here to assist you and monitoring your orders as they are coming.

Tips Allowed — Clients will have the ability to trick on the menu. Remember that our defaulted setting is 15 percentage on all online orders, but clients can change this to cover any sum before finalizing the transaction.

Advanced Ordering — Clients can choose when they need their meals whilst placing an order at any given time. Clients can specify if they want the purchase today or in the future, so that your patrons may plan ahead and your kitchen will not get confused about that requests to create and when.

Pay After — We provide this attribute so that restaurant owners may set a dollar cap on the amount one purchase could be covered by money. If a specified client goes over that limit, they will only have the ability to cover credit card. Restaurants will need to protect themselves if they’re in a position to, and here’s a method you can do precisely that!

Coupons And Reviews Safety — We make certain no double reductions happen, meaning that the voucher cannot be used with other coupons or discounts if you don’t would like them to.

Our restaurant purchasing system will automatically filter clients to the ideal shop location, so if you’re in need of a multi-restaurant online order program, this really is a useful feature to use.

Why? Since our cellular ordering system is created for ease-of-use, you’re ensured of larger tickets once you change to an innovative mobile ordering program like our very own.

Or, to bypass this navigational measure, you can email us in, and we are going to email that info to you in an Excel document. In addition to this, in case you’ve got an incorporated menu, client data will be transmitted to a own point-of-sale system with every purchase!

In addition, we provide this support, a full-featured administrative website, for owners and managers that wish to make changes associated with shipping times, dish descriptions, pricing, restaurant info, and much more. We put you up for success with instinctive defaulted configurations here at Online Orders Today, but if you want a more hands-on strategy, we’re delighted to fulfill those requirements too.

Your Own Branded Online & Mobile Menu We make certain we capture the appearance and feel of the rest of your site in your menu. This attribute is essential to the entire purchase amount since an enticing menu may mean the difference involving a hierarchical arrangement and you with considerable add-ons.

This indicates you assured of the maximum degree of sequence fidelity possible. Actually, coupled with the fact that it is the clients themselves putting the orders, have the net effect of order precision, so satisfied clients who get what they desire.

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