The Purpose and Key Features of Online Food Ordering System

There is always a deep hidden reason or story behind the innovation and the success of every technical aspect. Likewise, behind the incredible growth and the empowerment of the restaurant business industry the technology has played a marvelous role and as a result, the global restaurant industry is shimmering high with the inheritance of technology in it, as in the form of an online food ordering system. Therefore it’s clear that with the purpose of the betterment, growth and modernization of the restaurant businesses the technology has invented the digital restaurant increment solutions. In a way to deliver better outcomes, these digitalized restaurant solutions are come up with some exciting Features of Online Food Ordering System for every panel.

Features of Online Food Ordering System

Key Feature for Customers Panel

1. Menu Browsing:

Customers are allowed to browse the entire menu list of the restaurant and with every single menu item to get to know all the required details of the dish like its price, quantity, specialty, inbuilt ingredients, image.

2. Order Placement:

After browsing the menu list, the customers can place an online order for their preferred meals easily. Also, they can ask the chef to customize the ordered dish as per their taste of the spice level.

3. Order Tracking:

Being a customer, once you successfully placed your order, you will be able to track the on-time status of your order. Also, you can get the real-time location of the particular delivery guy, who is on the wheel to drop your order at your address.

Key Features for the Delivery Panel

1. Profile Setup:

A delivery person can easily create and update their profile. While setting up a profile as a delivery guy one needs to fill all the required information as name, email, address, contact number, profile picture, etc.

2. Order Notification:

A delivery person can get the notification of all the orders which they have to deliver to the requested customer, along with the customer’s details like customer name, address, and contact number.

3. Route Map:

This delivery panel of the app is well authenticated with the google map, hence, the driver can get the shortest route map to reach the customer’s address soon.

Key Features for the Admin Panel

1. Restaurant Management:

The admin or the concern branch manager of the restaurant can easily handle the entire management including the external and internal affairs of the restaurant.

2. Data Analytics:

Using the admin panel of the application the admin of the restaurant can any time check the whole data of the restaurant, including the customer’s details, overall income, customers’ feedback and more.

3. Payment Management:

Well, in the terms of payment management, these online ordering systems helps the restaurant helps a lot as they make them enable to allow the customers with a facility to pay for their order in multiple payment methods like COD, online payment, etc.

Apart from all the other beneficiary key factors these restaurant management software also have an exciting feature like CRM system and POS ( Point of Sale ) system through which a restaurant admin can directly get connected with their customers with a concern to build a strong and trustful bond.

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