The Working Functionality of the Online Ordering System

Restaurant and food supply businesses across the world re getting more charm these days and for the better enhancement and growth purpose of the restaurant business, the restaurateur is dreaming and affording to integrate their restaurant with the digital solution like an online ordering and delivery system. While from the crowd of all these restaurateurs a number of individuals are not so familiar with the technology and hence, they did not fetch the idea about the exact working functionality /working procedure of this technology-based restaurant business empowering systems. In this concern due to the source of this article I am likely going to explain the point to pint working functionality of the online eMenu which is a majorly in demand and multi-features inherited online food ordering system.

Once a restaurateur has been integrated with this digital ordering system into their restaurant they will then become able to access every control of the software application. Additionally to use the system for the first they are requested to add and upload their restaurant menu in the system as well as they can also anytime update and edit the theme and layout of the menu. Once you are done with the menu items upload process then now you are all set to use it in your restaurant in order to get orders online.

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Now, whenever a customer gets registered and place a food order from your restaurant’s personalized mobile application or website, you will get an instant notification about that, then after your approval, the customer’s order will then assign to the kitchen department along with all the additional of the order like quantity, taste level, etc. At this time, the respective customer gets notified that their order is being prepared. Whenever the food gets cooked completely, then the kitchen department or chef is requested to assign the order to a delivery guy to deliver the ordered food pack/parcel to the customer’s address.

Apart from that, in a way to inform the respective customers about the current status of their order you may also be allowed them to use the tracking system of the app with which the customers can get the real-time status of their order and the location of the delivery person.

Also, the system is now a days a new exciting and useful feature as contactless ordering in which a restaurant business owner is required to create and download the QR coded first. So that whenever a customer visits the restaurant, they can simply scan the available QR codes on their own smartphone or tablet devices in order to browse the restaurant’s menu and place an order. Also, they are allowed to pay for their order from there as well by using any inbuilt payment method.

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