These factors give new birth to the restaurant’s businesses

Likewise, a human body is made up of the hard-core mixture of 5 major factors which are Water, Fire, Air, Sky, and Earth, as similarly, we have developed a software application online ordering system to give a re-birth to the restaurant businesses with the combination of these 3 factors.


Development of a mobile application is a little bit expensive as compared to the build-up of a website. Hence, it’s not possible for each restaurant owner to have a mobile application. So by understanding this concern of the restaurant business owners, we have developed this software application with the use of a cross-platform app development technology, so it can easily be run on any mobile device, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc., by delivering the same UI and usage experience along with the same smoothness.


This online ordering system is itself a multi-tasking software application. As by the use of this one single application, a restaurant will be able to get multiple food orders at a single time and can store and maintain the data of each received and dispatched order. While on another side, a restaurant which is integrated such system into it will get a facility to allow their customers to track the on-time status of their ordered food and the location of a particular delivery boy.


This online ordering system works together in four different panels at the same time in a way to complete the order.

a) Customer Panel: A customer can create a profile (one time only) and place an online food order for their favorite meals. A customer can browse the whole menu list.

b) Admin Panel: After the customer’s order placement, a restaurant or branch admin can receive the order instantly and pass it to the kitchen.

c) Kitchen Panel: After getting approved by the admin, the order is gone to the kitchen department for the food preparation.

d) Delivery Panel: Once the customer’s ordered food is ready, the admin has handed over the food parcel to the available delivery boy to drop it to the customer’s requested address.

As this is a fully cloud-based menu ordering system, therefore, it is must for the restaurant owner and the customer to have a smart technical device (Mobile, Computer, or Tablet) connected with a web server to use this system.

If a restaurant owner is looking or trying to add something alluring or new in their restaurant business which can give it a feel of the new birth, then, in this case, they can any time add this application into their business.

Restaurant Website Ordering System

Food ordering app

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